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Domestic Violence, Reconciliation and Hope for the Future

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Firm News |

Over the last year and a half, incidents of domestic violence have risen across America. In fact, in a brand new study out of Georgia State University published in August 2021, incidents of intimate partner aggression increased 6x – 8x in the COVID age, with stress related to the pandemic strongly associated with intimate partner aggression, even among those at low risk.

Domestic assault is a serious crime and carries a range of punishments in Missouri, depending on its severity. A good legal defense in a domestic assault case is nuanced, as these cases carry serious ramifications for not only the accused but often their families as well. They touch upon some of the most important and intimate relationships that we have as human beings, and their defense requires a wholistic approach which may include counseling, batterer’s improvement programs, and drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Sometimes reconciliation is not possible, but I have seen small miracles – including families reunited and restored. The hour is darkest just before dawn.