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If you have been accused of committing a criminal offense in Jefferson County, Missouri, or in Eastern Missouri, our team of dedicated criminal attorneys can work with you and craft a comprehensive defense.

Criminal law is serious – the government has enormous power and wields that power through the prosecutor, who is a specific type of attorney tasked with enforcing federal, state and local laws. The prosecutor has broad discretion in deciding when and whether to file charges against an individual.

Because criminal law is so complex, it helps to understand both sides. At Wegge Law Firm, our Jefferson County, Missouri, attorneys bring many years of prosecution experience to our criminal defense practice. Founding partner Forrest Wegge was the elected prosecuting attorney of Jefferson County, Missouri, for 12 years. They have over three decades of combined criminal experience.

About Crime And Punishment

​Criminal law is a broad area of the law, and in its essence, it is the area of law dealing with efforts by the state government (whether it be federal, state, county, or local and municipal) to deprive someone of their life, liberty or property due to allegations that the individual has committed an offense that is in violation of either federal, state or local criminal codes.

The penalty for criminal offenses in Jefferson County, in Missouri more broadly and at the federal level varies almost infinitely. The lowest level of offenses is infractions – from a seat belt ticket with a range of punishment of just a $10 fine up to first-degree murder and the potential for the most serious of sentence carried out in this country – the death penalty. The lawyers in our firm have decades of combined criminal defense experience in everything from small traffic to murder and other forms of homicide.

Discovery And Defense

A large part of any good criminal defense strategy is a thorough and detailed examination of all of the evidence that the government intends to use against a criminal defendant at trial. This is known as “discovery” and is a basic and fundamental right of every defendant and of every criminal defense. Because we have attorneys who have worked as prosecutors, we are in a strong position to examine the strengths and weaknesses of every case.

Numerous issues can come up during the discovery process, such as whether a criminal defendant’s constitutional rights were violated during the collection of evidence and whether the government attorney has sufficient evidence to prove its case “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is the burden that the government must carry in any criminal trial.

Our Readiness To Defend You

Working from our office in Hillsboro and Jefferson County, Missouri, the dedicated criminal defense attorneys at Wegge Law Firm, have the experience to help you if you face criminal charges. We have tried dozens of cases over the years, both before a jury and to the bench, and our breadth of experience enables us to craft a wholistic defense, including a thorough review of all the evidence in the case, as well as a careful and detailed evaluation of potential pretrial motions such as suppression of evidence and due process violations.

In many instances, the defense will include negotiations with the prosecuting attorney to secure the best possible outcome given the facts of the particular case.

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Our lawyers are accepting new clients facing criminal charges in Jefferson County and across eastern Missouri.

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