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Trustworthy Legal Advice For Estate Administration

For executors (personal representatives), families, beneficiaries and others with interests in estates, the probate processes may seem confusing and lengthy. Without legal guidance, the average person has a difficult time knowing what to do after someone’s death. A probate lawyer can provide valuable support.

Each person, business or charitable organization that may be affected by the outcome of the administration of an estate has unique concerns.

  • Personal representatives want to be sure that they fulfill all requirements and are not held liable for any mistakes.
  • Family members normally want the deceased person’s wishes to be followed.
  • Beneficiaries may be in a hurry to receive their inheritances.
  • Creditors understand that time is limited to make claims.

Each may have compelling, legitimate reasons to seek legal advice.

The attorneys at Wegge Law Firm, most often provide guidance to personal representatives and help them carry out their duties properly. We also receive queries from other interested parties from time to time.

Where To Begin, And How To Proceed

In every case, we start with an examination of testamentary documents, such as a will and/or various types of trusts. We also advise responsible parties such as spouses and trustees in the correct distribution of assets held in joint tenancy and in family businesses. We review any known complications, such as hospital liens, unpaid child support or back taxes. A thorough examination of essential factors can help an executor move forward in their duties with confidence.

Keep in mind that timing and accuracy are both important throughout the probate process. An attorney can help people fill out necessary paperwork correctly, and submit documents to the probate court and other designated recipients in a timely fashion.

Our lawyers ensure that our clients understand how probate and other relevant laws apply to their loved ones’ and business partners’ estates. If controversies arise, we help clients prevent or expediently resolve will contests or matters that may lead to probate litigation. We protect our clients from legal challenges while also protecting estates from diminishment through unnecessary legal expenses.

Let Us Guide You Efficiently Through The Probate Process

Probate and estate administration are relatively unknown territory for many of our clients. They rely on our attorneys’ knowledge and clear direction for peace of mind and successful completion of the overall process.

To discuss your probate needs or concerns with an experienced lawyer in eastern Missouri, call 636-310-0219 or send an email inquiry.