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Wrongly Accused?

You’re not alone. I started my legal career as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Missouri, and I know first-hand that the vast majority of prosecutors are good people who seek justice, wherever the facts may take them. But mistakes do happen. Sometimes people lie...

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Making Traffic Bonds Work for You

If you have ever had a traffic ticket go warrant, you know that it can be a stressful event. This blog post is intended to help people who have had traffic warrants issued in Jefferson County or elsewhere, understand the process and how to make the bond work for you....

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Democracy Thrives in Sunlight

A new Missouri Supreme Court Rule that went into effect in the latter part of 2018 helps to ensure sunlight in the criminal process, and makes it easier for the public to access court records online. Under an order effective July 1, 2018, a criminal court may not...

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How to Make a Will

Why write a simple will? Where will our minor children go if something happens to us? I have no money or assets - do I still need an estate plan? These are all common questions I hear from parents, and when these questions come up, it is an excellent time to discuss...

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Jefferson County DWI Cases Involving Drugs

Did you know that in Jefferson County and in Missouri more broadly, driving while intoxicated offenses are not limited to driving while under the influence of alcohol? Section 577.010 of the Missouri Revised Statutes lays out the offense in plain English, stating that...

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SIS Probation vs. SES Probation in Missouri

After a person pleads guilty or is found guilty at trial, the next phase in the criminal process is the sentencing hearing. At sentencing, the judge has a few options. In the broadest terms, the Court may: 1. Impose and execute a sentence within range allowed by the...

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