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At Wegge Law Firm, we bring experience, compassion and refined skills to the table on behalf of our clients who may face criminal charges. With more than 25 years of experience combined, our active lawyers are well respected and hard at work every day, helping people pursue favorable outcomes in their criminal cases.

Our eastern Missouri clients come from all walks of life. Nearly all realize they need legal advice and representation as they face legal troubles, such as drunk driving arrests. Every one of our attorneys understands that even good people make mistakes. We never act as our clients’ judges but rather as their advocates and counselors at law.

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Our Philosophy And Style

With every client, we start with empathy and respect. We know how difficult and frightening it is to be charged with a crime. We are dedicated defense attorneys who aim to make a difference in the lives of our clients with so much at stake.

We are conscientious, honest and forthright when providing people with the information they need to make the right decisions in their own cases. We work with clients of many different backgrounds. There is no such thing as a typical client. If you are interested in meeting with us, we are interested in providing you with the guidance you seek.

Our Experience Enhances Our Counsel

We draw on a wealth of experience in different arenas, including business, government service and private law practice elsewhere. This rich background enables us to relate to our clients with deep insights.

Forrest Wegge was one of the longest-running prosecutors that Jefferson County has had. In this position, he was on the other side of the bench for many cases similar to those that our clients face. This vantage point may give our clients an advantage as they work with us on the defense side of their cases.

We are involved in our community in numerous ways. For example, Forrest Wegge is a municipal judge for Crystal City.

We Are Ready To Help You Meet Your Legal Challenge

Get to know more about us, and let us get to know you in an initial consultation about your criminal law concern – perhaps an accusation, investigation or arrest.

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