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How to Make a Will

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Firm News |

Why write a simple will? Where will our minor children go if something happens to us? I have no money or assets – do I still need an estate plan?

These are all common questions I hear from parents, and when these questions come up, it is an excellent time to discuss the necessity of sitting down with a lawyer and creating a simple estate plan.

The main reason new parents should write a simple will is to designate the individual(s) whom they wish to raise their children, in the event of an unexpected or premature death. An attorney can set up a guardianship designation to deal with this issue. This guardianship designation eliminates disagreement among family members at a time when the children have lost both of their parents and need the stability of knowing who will raise them going forward.

An attorney can also create a simple which includes a trust to hold your assets (including life insurance proceeds) to be spent on behalf of your minor children.

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